How does It Work?

Investment offers are received at the Club from Investment Committee members, from Club members or directly from companies and entrepreneurs who have heard about the Club.
Today, companies and entrepreneurs prefer to raise capital from private investors of the type represented by Club 100 plus over investments by Venture Capital funds. As a result, the Club receives an ever increasing number of high quality investment opportunities for consideration.
It generally takes between two to three months from the moment an investment opportunity arrives until a deal is closed. The process is a 4-stage process, as detailed in the following diagram.

  • Screening Stage
  • Establishing an Investment Group
  • Agreement signing and deal closing
  • Ongoing monitoring by the Club management

Stage A –
(3-4 Weeks)

Receipt of an offer –

Usually by an investment committee member

Initial screening by Club management –
Decision on suitability for the Club

Meeting with company management –
project presentation and intial deal outline

Presentation to Investment Committee –
Decision on investment approval

Meeting with Company management –
Final formulation of the business outline

Distribution of a manifesto to
all Club members containing general
information about the investment

Stage B –

Establishment of Investment Group

(3-4 Weeks)

Gathering potential investors (up to 35) –
Decision on whether achievement of
investment goal is possible

Group meeting with company management
to present details of the investment

Final establishment of the investment group

Stage C –

Agreement Signing
and Transaction Completion

(4 Weeks)

Decision on legal entity to be established for
the investment group – generally a partnership
registered in Israel or LLC in the USA for real estate deals

Preparation of the agreements – partnership agreement

and agreement with the company

Completion of due diligence

Signing of the partnership agreement

with members of the investment group

Signing investment agreement with the company

Call for money, transfer of the funds to the company account,

and completion of the transaction

Stage D –

Investment Monitoring 

Appointment of a Club representative as a

director or observer in the company

Periodic updates for members of the investment group

Semi-annual investment update meeting with

company management

Realization of the investment and transfer of funds

to group investors