Club 100 plus was established in 2011 by Jacob Neuwirth (Noy) and Aaron Marcovitch.
Jacob Noy has been serving as the Club’s Chairman and CEO since its inception while Aaron Marcovitch has been Deputy Chairman of the Club.
The Club was established after we identified the need to recognize real investments that generate handsome returns in light of the lingering state of capital markets, which have been operating for several years at near-zero interest rates.

The Club's Mission

The Club’s mission is to create a group of quality members, leaders in their fields, who are interested in real investments, and to expose these members to promising investments with diversified risk levels in the technology, bio-med, infrastructure, energy, real estate and other sectors.
The Club enables its members to create diversified portfolios of real investments, customized to each individual’s preferences and interests, with a relatively high likelihood of success in respect to the level of risk taken.
The Club is not an investment fund and does not manage its members’ money. A dedicated investment group is formed for each investment. The group is organized ad-hoc for the purpose of that specific investment, generally as a registered limited partnership.

Membership in the Club

The Club today has about 500 members, all of whom have joined based on personal acquaintance and word-of-mouth. Membership consists of business men and women, executives, entrepreneurs, hi-tech specialists, lawyers, physicians and other professionals, whose common interest is the desire and ability to invest in various ventures based on each individual’s personal preferences.

The Club allows new members to join if they meet a fixed set of criteria.

Club membership is free of charge.

Business Partners

The Club has a collaboration agreement with the world’s largest private investment network, Keiretsu Forum, headquartered in the USA.

Social Activity

The Club also serves as a social forum, offering various activities to Club members and their partners – including hospitality evenings, weekends, travel, cruises etc.