Club 100 Plus, a private investors (Angels) club, enables its members to create diversified investments portfolios tailored to each member’s personal preferences, with relatively small investment amounts, and with a high probability of success relative to the risk involved, notwithstanding the persistent near-zero interest rates in the capital market in recent years.

Operating since 2012, the Club has thus far made over 50 investments totaling $80 million. Around one half of the investments are in the startup sector, and the rest in real estate and infrastructure companies.


What makes us unique?

Each member can put a relatively small amount into any Club investment and build a diverse portfolio of real investments with varying levels of risk.

Individual members can invest in the areas that interest them.

For each investment, an ad hoc group of investors forms, usually as a registered partnership.

The Club’s members, comprising a quality group of individuals with extensive experience in management and investments, are key to the Club’s success.

The Club operates through an investment committee of 40 highly qualified members who play a pivotal role in the Club’s activity and in the investment screening process.

A call for investment (CFI) is distributed to members only if at least five investment committee members are participating in the investment.

Upcoming Events

Recently Investments


New Haven 3

Investment in income-producing real estate



Solutions for detection and prevention of payments fraud through cellular phones


RealView Imaging

an Israeli start-up company, is pioneering the field of interactive live holography, creating a new dimension for medical imaging applications


IP Light 5

optic transport networks

Open Investments

August 6, 2019 Philadelphia 3

income-producing real estate

Investment Status: At the stage of signing the agreements

November 28, 2019 Las Vegas / Hanoch Rosen

Investment Status: Signing the agreements

December 1, 2019 EcoPlant 2

Investment Status: Signing the agreements

December 1, 2019 AEYE

Investment Status: Signing the agreements