Club 100 plus, a private investors club (Angels), enables its members to create diversified real investment portfolios customized to each member’s preference. Investments can be relatively small but they have a high likelihood of success compared with the level of risk involved and against the backdrop of  the current state of the capital market, which for several years has been operating in a near-zero interest rate environment.


What makes us unique?

Each member can make relatively small investments each time, gradually building up a diverse portfolio of real investments with varying risk levels.

Individual members can invest in the areas that interest them. A dedicated investment group is formed for each investment, generally as a limited partnership consisting of the members of that investment group.

Club members form a high quality group with extensive experience in management and investments, playing a major role in the investment screening process.

A call for investment (CFI) is distributed to members only if at least three investment committee members are participating in the investment.

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Continuing investment


Philadelphia 2

real estate in Philadelphia in cooperation with GNR.


Miami / Fort Lauderdale

real estate in Miami / Fort Lauderdale with the Crown Company



An Industrial IoT Proactive platform based on Artificial Intelligence

Open Investments

September 20, 2018 water.io

Internet of Packaging - IOP

Investment Status: Signature of agreements

December 4, 2018 Nanobebe 2

A company that develops and markets a baby nutrition kit that preserves the nutrients of breast milk

Investment Status: At the signing of agreements